Whether your baby is 3 days, 3 months or 30 years you need to be in photos with them...

We live in a day where instant gratification prevails. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat dominate our lives. We have suddenly forgot what quality is. Taking the time to be in photos with our children has been replaced with thousands of iPhone photos that we will do nothing with. A session with me is more than a photo to be shared on social media, lasting only a day and forgotten the next. I create photographs that capture the true beauty of you with the ones you love. They will adorn your walls, albums and personal memory boxes helping show your little ones how much they are loved and tell the story of your family. When all the "likes" and "comments" from others loose their luster, you will be left with beautiful heirloom images, along with real likes and comments from the ones who helped create those precious memories from the beginning, the only ones that truly matter.

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