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One Year Photos | Smash Cake Studio Session I had the most perfect cake smash session this morning! Baby was perfect, Cake was gorgeous! Everything fell perfectly in place. I will share more details soon, but for now enjoy this tiny glimpse… Kristin of Whimsee Art Photography would love to begin planning your Child’s One…

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Alys Beach Photographer Kristin of Whimsee Art Photography would love to being planning your next portrait session in Roanoke, VA or Beyond. Kristin is available for travel, please inquire today for availability.

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Bright Floral Studio Newborn Session Check our this Bright Floral Studio Newborn Session! Oh I love how this summer sun is shinning through my studio windows right now. Kristin of Whimsee Art Photography is a Roanoke Virginia Photographer, specializing in Newborn Photography. Please Inquire to have Kristin begin planning your next newborn session.

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